Injured at work? – Workers Compensation


Injured at work? – Workers Compensation

Have you been injured at work and thought to yourself ‘I can only make a Workers Compensation Claim‘?

Injured people may also have other rights which are more generous than Workers Compensation entitlements that only workers compensation lawyers can explain.

An employee who is injured on a work site that is not owned by the employer may have a claim against the owner or occupier of the site if the cause of the injury can be attributed to that owner/occupier. Compensation awarded with the help of a workers compensation lawyer in a claim against an owner or occupier is far less restricted than Workers Compensation.

We are currently assisting an injured worker who fell into an open hole at an industrial site in Sydney.  The worker received Workers Compensation.  However, in addition a substantial claim is now being made against the owner of the site by a specialized workers compensation lawyer.  The claim against the owner will be for pain and suffering, past and future economic loss of income, past and future medical expenses, domestic assistance and out of pocket expenses.  A claim for costs will also be made.

Peter Moore has also assisted people who have gone to a shopping centre and banks for work related purposes and have been injured.  Claims can be made in addition to a Workers Compensation claim as were done in respect of those people.

If you have a compensation claim you need to financially secure your future for the benefit of yourself and your family.  You need to know where you stand.

In relation to claims against owners/occupiers strict time limits apply – there is a 3 year limitation period so if you have a possible claim, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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