Workers Compensation Death Benefits


Workers Compensation Death Benefits


Death long after the injury is still a work-related death

It is a sad event when a death occurs at work. The families of workers who lose their lives in the course of employment are entitled to claim support in the form of workers compensation “death benefits”. These entitlements can include payments for children, costs of the funeral, and a lump sum benefit of $750,000.

There are two kinds of work-related deaths – the kind that happens at work, and the kind that happens some time after the injury.

A death does not have to happen at work to be work-related. Injuries, even the most minor ones, can lead to all kinds of flow-on problems such as surgical complications, secondary physical conditions, and psychological issues. There are serious consequences to being injured over a period of time, and sadly some of these consequences can lead to the death of the worker. These can include depression leading to suicide.

If you have lost a loved one and you think it might be related to a work injury, it is important to know whether your family is entitled to workers compensation support. Contact our Workers Compensation specialist Madeleine Smith at Brazel Moore Compensation Lawyers for a free confidential discussion.


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