Work Capacity Decision for Injured Workers


Work Capacity Decision for Injured Workers

If you are an injured worker receiving workers compensation, you may have gotten a “Work Capacity Assessment” or a “work capacity decision”. These are assessments made by the workers compensation insurer to decide how much you are able to work. If the insurer decides you can work more, it can reduce your weekly benefit.

Unfortunately, many workers accept the decision of their insurer to reduce their benefits without first seeking legal advice. It is often the case that the work capacity decisions are based on outdated or insufficient information. Brazel Moore Compensation Lawyers has overturned work capacity decisions for injured workers based on updated medical information and sometimes just by pointing out errors made by the insurer.

There is public funding available, meaning that you do not have to pay a lawyer to review your work capacity decision.

If you’ve received notice of a work capacity assessment or a work capacity decision, contact Brazel Moore Compensation Lawyers for a free consultation with a workers compensation specialist. There can be important deadlines that apply to work capacity decisions, so seek advice as soon as possible. Call 4324 7699 now.


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