Woman slips on grape in Coles and wins $90130 in compensation!


Woman slips on grape in Coles and wins $90130 in compensation!

Next time you’re shopping at Coles, no need to watch out where you’re walking according to Judge Leonard Levey.

In a judgement handed down by him in the NSW District Court, Judge Levy opined that when it comes to supermarkets, there is no reasonable expectation that a customer will be looking down at the ground, let alone dodging runaway grapes or slippery banana peels.

His decision comes after considering the compensation claim bought by Sangeeta Guru, a Coles customer who on 19th October 2012 was walking in the fruit and vegetable section when she slipped on a grape, fell on the floor and hit her leg on a trolley.

As a result of her slip and fall, the 40 year old beautician sustained injury to her knees and her back.

“[Ms Guru] was looking around for her items to purchase. Her surroundings were a supermarket where goods were attractively displayed to induce customers to select particular items for purchase” said Judge Levey.

Judge Levey commented that Ms Guru suffers from ongoing pain, disrupted sleep and has become an unhappy person.  He awarded her compensation of $90,130 in damages for her shopping misadventure.

We’re sure Ms Guru was very grape-ful.

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