Victim of Child Abuse awarded $265,000 in compensation


Victim of Child Abuse awarded $265,000 in compensation

Were you subject to abuse as a child because there has now been an important change to the law.  Previously there was a limitation period that applied to commence legal proceedings but that no longer applies in relation to ‘child abuse‘.years.

Child abuse means sexual abuse, serious physical abuse or other connected abuse (perpetuated in connection with sexual abuse or serious physical abuse) against a person when the person is under the age of 18 Legal Proceedings may be commenced for compensation that relates to the death of or a person injury resulting from an act or omission that constitutes child abuse.  There is now no time limit that applies.

What this means is that regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred, a claim may still be able to be made.  The claim may be possibly made against a Government Department or Institution (Church Organisation) that had the care and responsibility of children.  If a person alleges and can establish that he or she was the victim of an individual (foster carer) whilst in the care of the Government Department or Institution then a claim may also be made against the person who was the offender.

Our client, Sarah (not her real name) was in the care of a Government Department and was abused.  Sarah was able to claim $265,000 in compensation for the abuse she suffered almost 50 years earlier.

People who were subject to child abuse are often affected in a major psychological way.  Not it is possible to claim for compensation for the suffering they have endured without being constrained by legal time limits.

You should always seek legal advice at the earliest possible time.  If you would like to know what your rights are and where you stand, call Peter Moore, Specialist Compensation Lawyer on 4324 7699 for a free confidential chat.


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