$10,000,000 awarded to injured worker

In a recent case, an injured worker was awarded $10 million dollars in compensation. The 24 year old was employed on a rural property and suffered serious head and facial injuries as a result of a fall from a quad bike.  This accident left her in a vegetative state. Following the accident she commenced proceedings… Continue reading $10,000,000 awarded to injured worker

Medical Negligence in Emergency Departments

At Brazel Moore Lawyers we are experiencing an increase in medical negligence claims following emergency department presentations.  The claims entail allegations of hospitals failing to properly investigate and treat patients’ symptoms. In some of our cases, had the doctor simply referred our clients for imagery and/or to a relevant specialist, our clients would have achieved a better… Continue reading Medical Negligence in Emergency Departments

Your Top 5 Medical Negligence Questions…Answered!

Medical Negligence is a complex area of Law.  Here are your top 5 questions answered! Can I sue my doctor? Under Australian Law, your doctor, hospital or other medical service provider must treat you in a competent and professional manner.  If they fail to do so, they may be held liable for the injury and… Continue reading Your Top 5 Medical Negligence Questions…Answered!

Successful Pork Chop Compensation claim!

You may not believe this to be a true story but the story of the pork chop compensation claim is as true as it comes.

Obesity in the workplace!

Obesity in the Workplace can lead to Workplace Compensation Claims (Workers Comp). To find out where you stand call Peter Moore on freecall 1800 891 691