Are you an Employee or a Contractor?

Are you an Employee or a Contractor?.  That was a question that was determined in the Supreme Court of Tasmania when the Court found that an employee was a contractor although the employer claimed he was a contractor.  The ramifications are significant for both the worker and the employer. The employer disputed liability to pay… Continue reading Are you an Employee or a Contractor?

Defamation on the Internet

We need to be careful of our actions on the internet or we could very well find our selves in hot water for defamation. The laws governing defamation on the internet are the same that govern defamation in other types of publications. In addition to liability for defamatory material on your own website, you can… Continue reading Defamation on the Internet

Compensation Awarded to Permanently Disabled Employees

Two workers were recently left permanently disabled following a 12 storey fall while inside a cleaning platform.  They plunged around 25 to 30 metres, hitting an awning above Pitt Street in Sydney.  The Court found that the employer was aware that a 10 year major inspection of the window cleaning platform was due but failed… Continue reading Compensation Awarded to Permanently Disabled Employees

$10,000,000 awarded to injured worker

In a recent case, an injured worker was awarded $10 million dollars in compensation. The 24 year old was employed on a rural property and suffered serious head and facial injuries as a result of a fall from a quad bike.  This accident left her in a vegetative state. Following the accident she commenced proceedings… Continue reading $10,000,000 awarded to injured worker