Compensation for PTSD

In a landmark case a NSW volunteer Firefighter has received compensation for chronic PTSD in a settlement with the NSW government in what is believed to be the first of it’s kind. The firefighter alleged that while attending more than 772 traumatic incidents over 7 years he developed PTSD. He said he was never told… Continue reading Compensation for PTSD

Are you an Employee or a Contractor?

Are you an Employee or a Contractor?.  That was a question that was determined in the Supreme Court of Tasmania when the Court found that an employee was a contractor although the employer claimed he was a contractor.  The ramifications are significant for both the worker and the employer. The employer disputed liability to pay… Continue reading Are you an Employee or a Contractor?

Compensation Awarded to Permanently Disabled Employees

Two workers were recently left permanently disabled following a 12 storey fall while inside a cleaning platform.  They plunged around 25 to 30 metres, hitting an awning above Pitt Street in Sydney.  The Court found that the employer was aware that a 10 year major inspection of the window cleaning platform was due but failed… Continue reading Compensation Awarded to Permanently Disabled Employees

$10,000,000 awarded to injured worker

In a recent case, an injured worker was awarded $10 million dollars in compensation. The 24 year old was employed on a rural property and suffered serious head and facial injuries as a result of a fall from a quad bike.  This accident left her in a vegetative state. Following the accident she commenced proceedings… Continue reading $10,000,000 awarded to injured worker