Injured Back Due to Lack Of Duty Of Care

A woman injured her back after working many years as a nurse, helping to lift and transfer patients. Her back was severely injured after one specific lift of a bariatric (overweight) patient was required in a low-level care facility. The nurse didn’t have a second nurse to help lift, a lifting machine, or any other… Continue reading Injured Back Due to Lack Of Duty Of Care

Substantial Compensation for fall in Park!

A man was walking in a poorly lit area, and fell down a hidden drop he didn’t know was there. He was severely injured, and the owners of the park wouldn’t admit they were responsible. The person or entity responsible for maintaining a public or privately owned area must ensure that any member of the… Continue reading Substantial Compensation for fall in Park!

Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assaults in the Workplace

Have you been the victim of sexual assault or sexual harassment in the workplace.  A 2018 survey was carried out and contrasted with a survey in 2012.  They key findings were as follows:- 60% of women say they have experienced some form of sexual harassment, an increase from 21% in 2012; There has been an… Continue reading Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assaults in the Workplace

Slip and Fall Accident

Have you had a slip and fall in a supermarket or shopping Centre? You may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, loss of income, medical expenses and assistance in doing domestic chores. We have assisted many people and obtained compensation for them arising out of slip and fall injuries. One of the people… Continue reading Slip and Fall Accident

Woman slips on grape in Coles and wins $90130 in compensation!

Next time you’re shopping at Coles, no need to watch out where you’re walking according to Judge Leonard Levey. In a judgement handed down by him in the NSW District Court, Judge Levy opined that when it comes to supermarkets, there is no reasonable expectation that a customer will be looking down at the ground,… Continue reading Woman slips on grape in Coles and wins $90130 in compensation!

Compensation Case Review

Compensation Case Review In a recent matter handled by Peter Moore, Compensation Lawyer, a client reported slipping on a step at the front door of a house she was visiting and as a consequence, her arm went through a glass panel of the door.  The stairs leading to the door were wet and slippery and… Continue reading Compensation Case Review

Motor Vehicle Accident Time Limits

Have you been injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident. Strict time limits apply to lodging a claim for compensation. Act now. Call Peter Moore on 1800 891 691

Obesity in the workplace!

Obesity in the Workplace can lead to Workplace Compensation Claims (Workers Comp). To find out where you stand call Peter Moore on freecall 1800 891 691