Slippery Surfaces Lead to Slippery Cases – What happens when you fall in the rain?


Slippery Surfaces Lead to Slippery Cases – What happens when you fall in the rain?

A lady was walking down a wet ramp just outside a shopfront and lost her balance. She fell and injured herself quite badly.

The company responsible for maintaining the area denied that it was responsible for her injury, and she was left saddled with medical bills, time off work, and an injury which reduced her mobility and left her with permanent damage.

Where a person is injured due to an unsafe environment, and this area is owned or in the control of another person (or business), the injured person is entitled to compensation under certain circumstances.

In this instance the company responsible for maintaining the ramp argued that they had not been negligent and that the walkway was reasonably safe. They argued that the woman had slipped over in circumstances that were unlucky, but no-one’s fault. They also argued that she should have paid closer attention to where she walked.

This argument has been successful in many similar cases, as the courts accept that injuries can happen without anyone being to blame. People are expected to keep an eye out for their own safety, and exercise reasonable care when walking in hazardous conditions, such as when it is raining.

In this case the rain was only one factor that led to the fall. The ramp she walked over was unusually slippery because it had not been well maintained. The company could have done things to make the ramp safer, such as covering it with a better nonstick coating or a surface with a textured grip. They could also have put up signs which warned people that it would be slippery in wet weather.

Brazel Moore Lawyers pursued a claim on her behalf on a “no win no fee” basis and was able to get a settlement of money for her.

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