Have you been a victim of Sexual Abuse?


Have you been a victim of Sexual Abuse?

As a person under the age of 18 years were you the victim of child abuse. If you were the law has now changed in favour of victims as no time limit applies to pursuing compensation for what happened to you. A claim may be possible against the offender, a church, religious orders, other organisations, a government Department or any other person or group who may have had responsibility for your care.

`Child Abuse` means sexual abuse, serious physical abuse or any other abuse perpetrated in connection with sexual abuse or serious physical abuse of the person (whether or not the connected abuse was perpetrated by the person whom committed the sexual abuse or serious physical abuse. The victim at the time had to be under the age of 18 years.

Previously it had been necessary for claims to be made within a period of 3 years (otherwise approval had to be given by a court for the matter to proceed) but the law has changed so proceedings can be commenced without a limitation period applying. This means that if a Church, religious order, other organisation or Government Department was responsible for your care then a claim can be made.

In one recent case Peter Moore, Compensation Solicitor negotiated for a 65 year old man for a payout in excess of $260,000 for what happened to that person as a child – the man received that amount and an apology without the need to have to go to Court. You may be similarly entitled.

Peter Moore is continuing to make claims on behalf of people whom were subject to `child abuse`. If you want to know where you stand or what your rights are please feel free to contact Peter Moore, Specialist Compensation Solicitor on 4324 7699 for a confidential chat.


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