Do you need treatment for a work related injury?


Do you need treatment for a work related injury?

Have you put in a workers compensation for medical treatment, then heard nothing for several months?

It’s a common story.  An injured worker may need ongoing treatment, including surgery, years after being injured at work.  The injured worker’s doctor sends a letter to the workers compensation insurer, and then….nothing.  All lines of communication seem to stop.  If your insurance company has taken what seems like an unreasonable amount of time to determine your claim, you should seek legal advice.

John (not his real name) had a serious injury to his shoulder at work.  Some 20 years later, John’s condition had deteriorated, and John’s doctor recommended surgery.  John came to us, uncertain how to proceed.  As John’s injury had happened several decades ago, the workers compensation insurer of that time no longer existed.  Brazel Moore Compensation Lawyers did some digging, and found out that John’s case had been transferred to a new insurer. We contacted the new insurer and requested they approve surgery to his shoulder.  That was in March of 2017.

Fast forward to late June, and the insurer was still dragging their feet.  Brazel Moore Compensation Lawyers sent countless letters, made phone calls, and finally took the matter to the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office.  WIRO received our complaint and contacted the insurer about the delay.  Almost immediately, the insurer sent a letter of approval for John’s shoulder surgery.  It was a little late coming, but John is now able to have his surgery, and the insurer is footing the bill.

All of this work was done at no cost to John.  If you require treatment for a work related injury and are experiencing problems getting approval, contact Brazel Moore Compensation Lawyers on (02) 4324 7699 to speak to on our specialist compensation lawyers.


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