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Located right here on the Central Coast, our Medical Negligence Compensation Lawyers have over 45 combined years’ experience in helping people who have been injured as a result of medical negligence (also referred to by many as medical malpractice) get the medical negligence compensation they are entitled to. Our Legal Team is considered as one of the best among the reputed Medical Negligence Law firms in the state. If you think that you may have medical negligence claims, call now and speak to out medical negligence claims specialists!

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Suffering as a result of a medical negligence, misdiagnosis, prescription or advice? If you believe your medical practitioner acted negligently and outside their duty of care to you as a patient, we can help you with your medical negligence compensation.
Yes, medical negligence claims should be lodged within 3 years from the date of injury. BUT If there are good reasons why you haven’t done so you may still be able to make a claim even if you have missed the 3 year limitation period. Contact us for further details regarding medical negligence compensations.
A medical negligence claim is a compensation claim arising out of an injury suffered as a result of negligent treatment provided by a health care practitioner.
When a person is injured as a result of negligence of a medical professional, ie. Doctor, Dentist or Surgeon.
  • Physical Injuries
  • Psychological/Psychiatric Injuries

Depending on the nature and extent of your injuries to you may be entitled to compensation for the cost of:

·        Loss of Wages

    • Past and future loss of wages
    • Medical treatment expenses incurred
    • Future medical expenses
    • Compensation for pain and suffering
    • Personal and / or domestic assistance
    • Nursing Assistance provided by agencies
    • Rehabilitation Expenses
    • Pharmaceutical Expenses
    • The cost of home modification
    • Other miscellaneous expenses, relating to the incident and your injury
  • In most cases we can help you negotiate a settlement with the insurer outside of court.
  • It is only in rare cases where there are issues relating to liability that the matter will need to be resolved by a court.

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