Employers have a duty of care to keep you safe from injury!


Employers have a duty of care to keep you safe from injury!

If you have been injured during the course of your employment, you may be entitled to make a Workers Compensation Claim and in some instances you may even be able to take civil action against your employer.

In a recent case we acted for 55 year old Rosalie.  Rosalie was employed as an in house assistant for predominantly self sufficient clients.  Her duties mainly consisted of domestic and cleaning support and performing an assortment of tasks such as cleaning, cooking, laundering and other general household services.

Rosalie’s employment meant that she was required to service multiple clients per day back to back and was required to perform repetitive tasks such as lifting heavy loads of laundry, moving heavy furniture to vacuum and bending and twisting to clean bathrooms.  In the beginning of her employment, Rosalie was not provided with any training or guidance on correct lifting procedures or weight limitations.  There were no protocols nor strategies that the employer had put in place to provide a safe working environment for staff to prevent or minimize the risk of injury or repetitive strain.  Employers are required to ensure a safe working environment for all employees.

During a normal day of employment, Rosalie was at her third residence for the day when she became aware of the pain in her shoulder.  Shortly after, when moving furniture, the pain became so severe that Rosalie was unable to continue to work that day.

Rosalie approached Brazel Moore Compensation Lawyers to assist her to make a Workers Compensation Claim.  Under the no-fault Workers Compensation Scheme, her claim was accepted by the Insurer for the injury to her shoulder and spine.  Rosalie eventually required surgery on her shoulder, however, she was still left with chronic pain and despite ongoing physiotherapy, Rosalie was not able to return to her pre-injury position.

Due to Rosalie’s incapacitation from her workplace injury which now prevented her from returning to the workforce, we assisted Rosalie to make a civil claim against her former employer for their negligence in not providing proper procedures and guidance required to prevent injury in her employment.  That claim was successful.

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