Mother Sues State Government for Discrimination


Mother Sues State Government for Discrimination

The mother of a 17 year old autistic boy has sued the State Government for compensation over a failure by a government schools alleged abandonment of her son’s education and failure to teach him the curriculum.

The case could have implications for thousands of families who believe their child has been excluded for learning due to a disability. The mother argues the school’s failure to `put intensive effort into his education and instead fill her son’s school days with `non academic activities` has left him effectively illiterate, innumerate and unemployable.

The boy is on the cusp of year 12 graduation but, according to the documents filed in Court his skills have progressed minimally in his 13 years at School. The mother claims the school has breached the Disability Discrimination Act and the breaches include banning her son from school activities such as swimming, failing to support him at both a group and an individual level, and failing to teach him – who has severe language impairments – a functional method of communication.

The claim being made alleges that the Department of Education has treated the boy less favourably than it would treat a student without similar disabilities and with different disabilities such as deafness, visual impairment or paraplegia, or without any disabilities.

The matter will be heard in the Federal Court in 2020 and will be closely watched.

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