Workers Compensation Claim – Hearing Loss and Noisy Workplaces


Workers Compensation Claim – Hearing Loss and Noisy Workplaces

workers compensationWe recently acted for a client, we’ll call him Carl (not his real name).  Carl had worked in a number of different jobs over many years.  He contacted our firm to see if he may be entitled to make a Workers Compensation Claim.

Carl worked in construction near railroads and later moved onto driving buses.  It was only once he was in his early fifties that he began to notice his hearing was affected. He had trouble hearing his friends on the phone, and his wife kept yelling at him to turn the TV down.

It turned out that Carl had work related hearing loss from his earlier life working near the train tracks more than 20 years ago.

The damage that a worker receives to their hearing can be gradual and may go unnoticed for many years.  Carl had retired by the time he realised he needed treatment.  He had received medical advice that he needed hearing aid but could not afford the cost of getting hearing aids.  Carl made a claim for compensation, but this was denied.

We assisted Carl in challenging the decision by gathering evidence and negotiating with the Insurer.

As a result, the insurer overturned their decision.  They agreed to pay for all medical treatment expenses for Carl’s hearing loss.  Consequently, Carl was fitted with hearing aids and is now watching television at an appropriate volume.

If you have been suffering hearing loss or another work related injury and you think you may have a claim, call Madeleine Smith, Workers Compensation Lawyer on 4324 7699 for a free consultation.


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